The Lomography Konstruktor Is Lego For Adults!

Lomography Konstruktor 05

Knowing how much I love Lego AND photography, Katherine bought me the Lomography Konstruktor 35 mm camera for Christmas.  I gotta admit though,  I’ve been pretty intimidated to build and shoot with it.  I haven’t had a film camera for YEARS, when photography was for “dorks”.  It wasn’t until about 6 or so years ago that I even started getting somewhat interested in photography.  And at that point, things had pretty much moved completely to digital.  That means a lot of trial and error, and the ability to delete!  It made learning easy, but it’s also helped turn EVERYONE into a photographer!

Film cameras make me nervous.  Once you click that shutter, there’s no going back.  It can also get ridiculously expensive buying and developing film.  Especially considering that even finding a place to develop a roll is like finding a needle in a haystack these days.

Yet, developing a roll of film, especially if it’s an older one, is crazy exciting!  Digital photography has taken away the mystery of shooting, so I was pretty stoked when I opened up the Konstruktor.  And, I definitely know a thing or two about cameras now, so I think I’m ready to tackle film.

Last week, I finally decided to crack open the box and commit a few hours to building this thing.  Lomography could learn a thing or two from Lego on how it writes its instructions, but I managed to get it done right (I think…), and shot my first couple frames.

Stay tuned for some shots once I finish my first roll!

Lomography Konstruktor 04 Lomography Konstruktor 02 Building the Lomography Konstruktor Lomography Konstruktor 09 Lomography Konstruktor 03

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