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We’re Loving Our GoPro Hero 3 Time Lapses!

There’s nothing like a good looking time lapse to wet your appetite for travel.  We’re loving our GoPro Hero 3 and finally have enough time lapses to put together a small sampling of our collection.  Take a look at our collection below, and don’t forget to watch it in HD!!

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We’re moving to Singapore!! WHAT?!

Crazy right?!  Keep a look out for more posts as we gear up for our big move, change of life, excitingness times a million! On a side note, does anyone want to buy a space heater?  We won’t be needing that bad boy in the city of hot, hotter, shopping and eating. Oh, and would […]

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Asian VS Canadian Dogs

Dogs in Asia are certainly not like dogs in Canada.  We’re always so amazed at how independent Asian canines are, and how completely opposite they are from Canadian dogs.  Here are just some of our observations: Asian Dogs In Asia, dogs are dogs.  Simple.  While many are kept as pets, dogs and humans know their […]

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