About Us

Full Name: Katherine HansenKatherine Hansen - Gate 20

Age: 31

Home Base: Phuket, Thailand

Born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Teacher

What is the worst trip you have ever been on?

I’ve loved every trip I’ve been on, but there are definitely some events and hotels that I’d put into the “worst” category.  The bus ride from Bagan to Inle Lake in Myanmar was the worst journey I’ve been on.  A $6 hotel in Siem Reap on my first trip to Asia was absolutely wretched.  Strangely enough, we actually stayed here a second time after Thomas unknowingly booked it again 5 years later!  Thank goodness they renovated!!

Do you pack light or heavy?

Heavy.  But Thomas carries it all.  I definitely haven’t mastered the art of packing light.

Your most treasured passport stamp?

The non-existent North Korea stamp.  They stamp your Visa but take it away from you on the way out.  I had to settle for stapling my boarding pass into my passport and sticking the security sticker on the back as proof we were there!

Preferred method of travel: plane, train, or automobile?

Automobile.  I love bus rides even though I usually end up falling asleep.

Read up on your destination, or wing it?

A bit of both.  I wing it until I arrive, then start reading up on it.  I’m a foodie and big time shopper, so it’s usually restaurants and shopping malls that I’m looking up.

Full Name: Thomas HansenThomas Hansen - Gate 20

Age: 35

Home Base: Phuket, Thailand

Born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Teacher

You’re leaving tomorrow and money is no object.  Where are you going?

Antarctica.  We’ll get there one day, even if it breaks the bank.

Top 3 Travel Items?

Camera.  iPhone.  Passport.

When was your first international trip?

I was 17 before I stepped foot on a plane, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Bali was my first trip, and I’ve been back countless times since.  It holds a special place in my heart, and more so since Katherine and I got married there.

Where would you like to go that is “off the beaten path”?

You can’t get any more off the path than North Korea, which we did in 2014.  Next up, Papua New Guinea!

What small town would you like to live in?

Jimbaran, Bali in a quaint little villa near the beach.

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