Singapore’s Marina Run 2014. Done and done!

Singapore Marina Run 2014 04

Two weeks ago we ran in the 10 km Marina Run, which ended up actually being 10.8 km (more to come on this…).  Compared to the Commando Challenge we ran back in December, this one was going to be a walk in the park.  Zero obstacles.  Plenty of fresh water to hydrate.  And much less pushing and shoving.

We’ve been running regularly since moving to Singapore, so we were looking for some personal bests in this race.  The problem being, it ended up being an extra 0.8 km then it should’ve been.  This might not sound like a big deal, except the two 9 km signs really messed up our pacing.  At what was supposed to be the 9 km mark, we sped up our pace, only to reach another 9 km marker about half a kilometre afterwards.  Obviously, this messed things up, and our goal of running under 50 minutes and 60 minutes each was shattered.

Overall though, we had good runs, and will definitely do it again next year.  We’ve added another medal to our collection along with a t-shirt we’ll never wear.  This weekend we’re running the Men’s Health Urbanathlon.  It’s a 14 km race combined with 9 “challenges” throughout.  

Wish us luck…it’s going to be painful.

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