5 Must Try Cafes in Seoul ~ Korea

Cafe hopping in Seoul is a must for any traveler!  Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned pro, cafe hopping in this city can keep you busy for days. Check out these 5 must try cafes we found in Seoul, and add your own hidden gems in the comments below.

Banana Tree Cafe

First of all, with a name like Banana Tree, you can’t possibly go wrong.  Located in the ever so trendy and hip Gangnam-gu neighbourhood, we were lured to this cafe by yet another blogger who posted pictures of drinks topped with cotton candy.  We all know cotton candy is artery clogging, heart stopping deliciousness…and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Banana Tree. While you’re at it, add a side of chocolate pudding disguised as dirt and rocks.

Thanks Nature Cafe

If you like to hang out with white fluffy sheep while drinking coffee, then this cafe in Seogyo-dong is the place for you.  Seriously… if sheep aren’t enough to entice you to visit, then we’re not sure what will!  This place is so awesome, it deserves it’s very own blog post.  Read it here!


After our cotton candy trip overdose at Banana Tree we learned about Remicone located only a stones throw away.  Just in case we hadn’t had our sugar fill for the day at Banana Tree, we headed over to this science experiment themed cafe for a soft serve ice cream.  We read that Remicone was famous for their “Thounder Bomb”, which boasted a grey candy floss topping and a candied yellow lightening bolt.  It was the holiday season when we visited, so we settled on the “Tree Bomb.”  And as you might have guessed, this soft ice cream was topped with green cotton candy shaped as a Christmas tree and topped with its very own star.  The worst part about Remicone? We couldn’t possibly try everything on the menu without going into coma.

Cafe Terrace

Located on one of the main streets in Samcheong-dong, we made it to Cafe Terrace after a long and cold afternoon of exploring the city on Christmas day.  Since it was a holiday, the area was exceptionally busy and there were line ups outside most of the restaurants.  Cafe Terrace had loads of seating, and the patio heater was a welcome reprieve from the cold.  The waffles are absolutely massive and the cranberry cheese pizza was delightful. Cafe Terrace is a cozy place not to be missed!

O’Sulloc Cafe

If matcha green tea is your thing, then your first stop on any cafe tour should be O’Sulloc Cafe in the Myenog-dong district.  Nearly everything on the menu has matcha in it, with an extensive range of drinks, desserts and even some more complete options like a “Green Tea Pesto Cheese and Tomato Sandwich.”  If you’re feeling adventurous, there is guaranteed to be something here that you’ve never tried before.  We, on the other hand, decided to play it safe with the “Green Tea Latte.”  If anything, O’Sulloc is a trendy cafe with a very earthy vibe.  There were three floors with lots of room to warm-up and get away from the people madness outside.

After all the teas and sweets we had during our cafe tour of Seoul, its a good thing we don’t live there.  Although our stomachs would be satisfied, we’re not sure either of us would be able to do those pull-ups we’ve been working on.  Know of any unique cafes in Seoul?  Please share in the comments below!

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