The Fertility Temple in Bhutan Changed Our Lives!

  Infertility is one of those issues that no one really likes to talk about. We all like to think that when we’re ready to begin a family, conceiving a ...

#79 Complete – Float in the Dead Sea ~ Jordan

Finally, we made it to Jordan and have been able to start crossing some things off The List that have been on it for a while. Our first stop in ...

A Guide to The World’s Highest Starbucks ~ Taipei 101, Taiwan

We’re not sure if Starbucks has made this official, but rumour has it that their location on the 35th floor of the Taipei 101 building is the world’s highest. Now, ...

Video Spotlight

Tokyo’s Seizure Inducing Robot Restaurant ~ Shinjuku, Japan

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district is a well oiled machine ...

North Korea Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!!

Here’s a look at North Korea like you’ve probably never seen it ...

Travelling Through Beautiful Cambodia – We Miss You!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of our house build in Cambodia, ...

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Sushi Heaven at the Taipei Fish Market ~ Addiction Aquatic Development

What more could I ask for? Sushi and wine. A perfect pairing. At Addiction Aquatic Development (Taipei Fish Market) you get all that and more. Every new city we visit I look at it from the lens of… Could I live here? Would I live here? Are cheese, meat, and red wine readily available? If I […]

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5 Must Try Cafes in Seoul ~ Korea

Cafe hopping in Seoul is a must for any traveler!  Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned pro, cafe hopping in this city can keep you busy for days. Check out these 5 must try cafes we found in Seoul, and add your own hidden gems in the comments below. Banana Tree Cafe First […]

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry blossom season in Japan really is nothing short of spectacular, and if you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking at how to make the most of your visit.  While no two seasons are the same, and it’s near impossible to predict exactly when and for how long the trees will bloom, the one thing that is […]

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Balloons Over Bagan – Still In Progress…

Nobody said that completing our list of While We’re Alive experiences was going to be easy, and #9-Ballooning Over Bagan in Myanmar is proving to be one of those wallet draining experiences that will make completing it that much sweeter. Our first attempt really wasn’t a failure, but still an attempt nonetheless.  On our first […]

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Thanks Nature Cafe – A Sheep Lovers Paradise in Seoul ~ Korea

Ever since our visit to an owl cafe in Japan, we’ve kind of been hooked on animal cafes.  Thankfully, animal cafes throughout SE Asia are kind of a thing, and we couldn’t be happier.  You couldn’t possibly imagine how excited we were when we found out that Seoul had it’s very own Sheep Cafe! We really […]

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