The Pineapple Pincher is Back! – Kuta Beach, Bali

Yesterday we ran into our good friend Made on the beach, otherwise known as The Pineapple Pincher.  Walking along the boardwalk we see her snoozing on a bamboo bench, using her metal bowl filled with pineapples, mangoes, and knives as a pillow.  Half hoping she’d see us, and half hoping we could slip by unnoticed, we’re 2 meters past when we hear “piiineaaaapple?? ananasss??”.

Before we could utter a word out of our mouth, Made jumped up, screamed, and “ran” over to give Katherine a kiss.  She yammered on in her mix of English and Bahasa, telling us (we think), about how sick she’s been and how tired she is.  Oh gosh, the guilt came quickly and there was no way we could leave without buying a pineapple.  So, one pineapple ordered, and in a bit of a slower Made fashion, she cut cut cut the perfect pineapple.  We paid her 4x the normal price and then asked for yet another photo with her.

This time, not only did she brag about her big ta-tas, but she couldn’t resist pinching Thomas’ and copping a feel of his rear-end while shooting the photo.  Really, did we expect anything different?  Absolutely not!

**If you haven’t read The Pineapple Pincher, do it!  Also, we put together a short video a couple years ago on How to Cut the Perfect Pineapple.  Watch that too! :)

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Author:Thomas & Katherine

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