Battle of the Year (BOTY) 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand [Video]

One of our last nights in Asia this past summer, and we stumbled across THIS at Siam Paragon!  Pretty freakin’ amazing if you ask us!  Did some searching on Google and found out that this was a qualifying competition for Battle of the Year 2011, which is a worldwide breaking competition.  The winner of this competition in Bangkok moved on to compete in BOTY South Asia, with the championships held in France this past November.

The video is a tad long at just over 8 minutes, but well worth every second!  These guys ended up battling it out for a solid 20 minutes, before hugging out their differences afterwards.  :)  What a show!

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Author:Thomas & Katherine

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2 Comments on “Battle of the Year (BOTY) 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand [Video]”

  1. May 22, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    Great video clip about break dancing in Bangkok. Really interesting that I shared this on my page :)


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