Shopping in Bangkok? Try our top 6!

6. Siam Paragon

This fabulous mall got shafted to sixth place only because of its tenacity for being completely out of our price range.  As much as we would like to be able to afford the 2nd floor filled with Lamborghinis and Ferraris, or the Main floor of Hermes scarves, or the 3rd floor with all its wonderful gadgets at iStudio, Nokia, and BOSE, we really can’t.  So when we say shopping, what we really mean is walking past stores and looking in windows, too afraid to go in wearing flip-flops and shorts.  Other than that, this mall is the place to be!  The bottom floor is decked out in one of the most fantastic food courts available to mankind and one could spend hours getting lost.  When you get tired of stuffing your face, head up to the top floor and catch a movie in one of the 12+ theatres available.  Be sure to get popcorn.  The “sweet” variety is to die for!  Click here to locate Siam Paragon.

5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Even though this weekend market is incredibly famous and probably one of the best shopping spots in Bangkok for tourists and locals alike, we had to give it 4th place because it’s only open on weekends.  And since we’re travellers, we’ve only had the pleasure of visiting it once.  With that said, if you’re in Bangkok on the weekend, it’s a must!  They have absolutely anything and everything for everyone.  Puppies?  They have them.  Teapots, dishes, clothing, jewellery, artwork, keychains, soap dishes?  You name it, they got it!  Even potato chips on a stick.  It’s here where teenage Thai girls come to hang out on the weekends, expats find knick-knacks for their homes, and everyone else just wanders in awe at the variety and numbers.  We’re no experts, but as soon as we get a chance to do the Weekend Market justice and actually take time to explore, you can bet your bottom there will be another post.  ‘Til then, give it a chance and let us know what you think!  Click here to locate the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

4. Central World

After the unfortunate events that transpired in May of 2010, Central has been rebuilding around the clock.  What was once a pretty decent shopping mall, Central has been revamped to be even better.  We could even use the word spectacular!  The large open area outside of this mall always has something going on.  If it’s not their New Year’s Bash with a Christmas tree 12 stories high, then it’s lit up for a concert or dance competition.  Oh, and did we mention the spectacular food court on the top level?! High-end and mid-range shops help draw foreigners of all kinds to spend their hard earned cash here.  Don’t count on doing any bargaining though.  Prices here are definitely fixed!  Click here to locate Central World Plaza.

3. Pantip Plaza – Pratunam

An electronics mecca!  Pantip is the place to go for anything and everything electronic.  From computers, to iPods, to cameras, TVs, printers, and that little gadget or part you can never find, this is the place!    And, if you’re into the kinky stuff (i.e. sexy movies!!), they got those here too.  Along with Harry Potter copies, the newest operating system for your computer, and all the music you could ever want!  No need to worry about getting ripped off here, because 9/10 of the goods are original (aka. real), and generally cheaper than what you’d pay back at home.  The other 1/10 are indeed knock-offs and copies though, so be aware.  However, it’s pretty easy to spot the differences.  Our best guess is that the bottom/main floor has a mix of copies and originals, with the higher floors reserved for quality goods.  If the prices are “fixed” you can generally be certain they’re not copies.  Oh, and don’t get caught being that tourist taking photos of monks buying a computer.  Monks need their electronics too!  Click here to locate Pantip Plaza.

2. MBK

Ahhhh, if you were in Bangkok and you didn’t make it to MBK then you’re definitely not a regular tourist.  MBK as you may know is famous for…well…everything.  Unlike Siam Paragon where the prices are unattainable, MBK is the place for the budget traveller.  No window shopping here, mainly because there are no windows!  Furniture? Souvenirs? Clothing? Food?  And our personal favourite… Cellphones?  Cases galore (real or fake), sim cards, screen protectors, belt straps, headphones, replacement LCDs, iPods, iPads, chargers, speakers and even cute little iPhone stickers for the “home” button.  The cellphone floor also carries hundreds of Thai technicians who can unlock/lock/fix/repair/beautify and protect your cellphone… perfect!  Click here to locate MBK.

1. Platinum Fashion Mall

If you’ve been following our posts, you probably already guessed that the Platinum Fashion Mall would be #1.  It’s not as though I especially like hanging out in this mall, or that it’s particularly eye-catching or even that it’s a comfortable place to sit and rest one’s feet.  But it serves a purpose and it serves it well.  Clothing is its number one seller and it carries A LOT of clothes in its 2000+ stores.  Even though the mall prides itself on a “No Try On” policy, deterring many western visitors, I’m pretty confident that anyone can find something to their liking.  If it’s not clothing, maybe its a bag, pair of shoes, belt, earrings, necklaces, or rings!  It’s fun, it’s cheap, and it makes for a great story.  Click here to locate The Platinum Fashion Mall.

*NOTE*: “We” has changed to “I” in this post, because we couldn’t agree on our grading scale.  If Thomas was given the choice, Platinum Fashion Mall would have ranked number 20.  Maybe… 26.

Special Mention: Terminal 21

Terminal 21 gets a special mention as we’ve yet to have enough shopping experience there to formally rate it.  However, we did visit it once, jetlagged and tired (ironically enough), yet excited for a new shopping experience!  Newly opened in 2011, the eight floors in Terminal 21 were all created to replicate a different area around the world.  In one afternoon you can visit San Francisco, Hollywood, the Caribbean, London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, and even Tokyo.  The place is filled with both name brand stores and little boutique shops.  A visit to Terminal 21 could easily last an afternoon or more, so plan to stay there a while!  We promise to do this place justice next time and visit it when we’re not dragging our heels from jetlag.  Click here to locate Terminal 21.

PS. We’re always looking for new places to shop in Bangkok.  If you know of any, drop us a note in the comments or send us an e-mail!!

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