Dogs, Frogs, & Snakes…Oh My! – Nha Trang, Vietnam

A friend from Canada recently asked if we’ve eaten any crazy food this year in Asia.  Well….

Our friend Hung took us out so Thomas could try some dog.  Katherine refused.  The meat was ok, but the sauce nearly made him vomit.  Since Katherine wouldn’t try it, and Hung wouldn’t eat it because he only eats it once a month or else it’s unlucky,  we all agreed that Katherine needed to try something else.  So we went out for some snake.  We chose the snake we liked (not too big), and the young “cook” cut off the head, cut out the heart, and then drained its blood.  Hung insisted, so Katherine ate the heart while it was still beating!  After, Thomas asked how a group of Vietnamese friends decide who gets to eat the heart when they share just one snake.  Hung replied, “Oh no, we don’t eat the heart!”  Eeeek….

We then BBQ’d the reptile and washed it down with snake blood & vodka.  It’s supposed to make you stronger!  As if that wasn’t enough, Hung then ordered some frog.  Nothing near as exciting as eating a beating heart or drinking snake blood, but delicious nonetheless!

All of this food crazed adventure left us needing some comforts.  So we ordered pizza.  Shared with 4 people who had never tried pizza before.  Then ordered another.  What a day….


Thomas & Katherine


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2 Comments on “Dogs, Frogs, & Snakes…Oh My! – Nha Trang, Vietnam”

  1. August 10, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    We eat dogs in the Philippines but rarely does it anymore. I, myself, only had done it once. Er… snake? … I’d ponder a lot, if pressure comes to push.


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