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How to get Cheap and Safe Travel Vaccinations in Bangkok ~ Thailand

On our most recent trip to Africa, we missed out on an opportunity to visit Ethiopia and add one more stamp to our passports because we hadn’t yet received a yellow fever vaccination.  As we sat in the transit lounge of the Addis Ababa airport, we were kicking ourselves for not having been more prepared.  To […]

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We’re #CertifiedTough! ~ 2015 Men’s Health Urbanathlon COMPLETE

If running 14 km through the city of Singapore and tackling 9 obstacles along the way makes you tough, then we’re #CertifiedTough!  The Men’s Health Urbanthlon is hands down our favorite run in Singapore.  It has just the right mix of distance and obstacles, and has yet to fail on showing off new parts of […]

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5 Reasons We Love Living in SINGAPORE!

The Straits Times published an article today referencing a survey which claimed Singapore to be the top Asian city for expats.  And that got is thinking, because it’s true, Singapore is a pretty darn good place to live.  Some say we’ve cheated by living in Singapore for our first overseas experience, and others say we’ve […]

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