#NepalEarthquake ~ A Plea For Help!

As many of you have likely already heard, an earthquake in Nepal has devastated the entire country.  For many people though, the earthquake is more than just a tragic news story.  It has directly affected millions of people, both in Nepal and around the globe.

Sadi in NapalLiving as expats in SE Asia, we are often reminded how connected we are to people all over the world.  Although we have not yet been fortunate enough to visit Nepal, we know many who have.  Sadi, a friend of mine back home who I met almost 10 years ago, immigrated to Canada from Nepal when she was 14 years old.  This amazing young lady has asked for our help to pass on her gofundme page to help with relief efforts in Nepal.  She has already raised half of her $5000 CDN goal!

“Since every dollar you donate is approximately 100 Nepali Rupees (enough for clean water/family/day), it will make a significant difference.”

Help spread the word and share Sadi’s page: http://www.gofundme.com/NEPALneedsyourhelp

The death toll has already surpassed 3 700 people.  What this number fails to show is the much larger number of people who are left homeless or without loved ones to help support their family.

This tragedy is very close to Sadi’s heart.  We know better than anyone, even when you move and find new homes your old homes are still filled with friends and family that you deeply care about.

The following are several other organizations that you can make direct donations to help out!


Nepal 05 Nepal 03 Nepal 07 Nepal 06 Nepal 02 Nepal 01 Nepal 08 Nepal 04

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