North Korea Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!!

Here’s a look at North Korea like you’ve probably never seen it before!

We recognize that the DPRK has its issues far beyond what our self-arranged tour allowed us to see. There’s people we’re sure who will question our decision to travel to a country that is consistently in the spotlight for its human rights violations and volatile relations with many world nations. We get that.  Our love for travel extends far beyond sitting on beaches and having poolside cocktails at an all inclusive (although we must admit this type of travel is wonderful as well). We travel to broaden our understanding of the world, good and bad, and to suck life dry in the short time we have here on this beautiful Earth. If we could learn and experience everything about our world simply by watching TV and surfing the web, then why would people ever leave their homes? Can we trust everything we read and hear about from the media? We’ll let you answer that question!

This video was made with very purposeful intentions; to show all of you that North Korea is more than what we are privy to from mass media! It is a tribute to the beautiful country and people we grew so fond of, and hope to visit again in the very near future as we continue to learn so much more than we ever could have from the comfort of our home.

Make sure you watch this one in 1080p!

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Author:Thomas & Katherine

A love for travel, adventure, and photography. We just can't help but write about it!

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