5 Reasons Why The Color Run is Singapore’s #happiest5k!!

The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 07

This past weekend we subjected ourselves to an insane amount of colour abuse in Singapore’s 2nd annual Color Run.  We knew when we signed up that this would be a good one, as it sold out in mere hours.  Nothing could’ve prepared us though for what was to become one of our more memorable races we’ve ran.

Here’s a quick 5 reasons on why the The Color Run was the #happiest5k we’ve run in Singapore!!

1) We nearly won!

It’s true!  We crossed the finish line in the top 20, despite our leisurely 6 min/km pace.  What does that tell you??  No, 6 min/km is not very fast at all.  Singaporeans run/walk incredibly slow.  This “run” was nothing more than a selfie opportunity to live tweet, post status updates on, and publish blog articles about.  Who beat us to the finish line you ask?  Oh, just a couple of 10 year old children that elbowed their way past everyone.

2) We had an invisible force field on the MRT.

We’ve never had so much personal space riding the MRT, and it was glorious!  We had a 1 m buffer zone all around us, and those who dared enter were inadvertently scarred different shades of fluorescent.  That’s the price they paid though for being pushy!  Karma sucks.

3) Our iPhones survived the onslaught of colour.

We weren’t so sure that Katherine’s white iPhone would stay that way after this race, but we were willing to take the chance for those selfies and live tweets.  Wrapped in ziploc bags and then jammed into our arm bands, not a spec of powder touched our phones, and they remain in perfect selling condition for when the iPhone 6 is released.  Awesome!

4) We ran together for the first time!

We can’t run races together.  It’s a fact.  One of us is much faster than the other, and running together never works out.  Somebody is always grumpy because they have to run too fast, or the other person gets irritated because they can’t run faster than a brisk walk.  The Color Run, however, brought out nothing but joy and happiness in us, and for the first time in our lives, we ran a race side by side.  :)

5) Human rainbows!

There’s a lot of happy in our world, and becoming a human rainbow is definitely one of them.  If you haven’t ran in a Color Run yet, or let your little sister paint you like a blank canvas, then trust us when we say you need to do this.  At least once in your life.  Become a human rainbow.  You won’t regret it.

The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 01 The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 03 The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 02 The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 04 The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 06 The Color Run Singapore 2014 - 05

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