Bangkok’s Flower Market – A Hidden Gem!

Bangkok Flower Market 3- Thailand

If we ever end up moving to Bangkok, we now know where to go on weekends to freshen up our condo!!

Our trips to Bangkok usually revolve around shopping, temples, shopping, river, shopping, Lumpini Park, shopping, eating, and more shopping.  This past trip was no different, but since we were accompanied by a first-timer, and a self-acclaimed senior citizen to boot, we wanted to show her a side of Bangkok she would enjoy!

After reading an article about Bangkok’s 24 hour flower market, we knew this would be the perfect place for a 61 year old garden enthusiast.  We had read that the best time to visit was in the wee hours of each new day (3 am – 4am) when fresh flowers were delivered to vendors for pruning, cutting, and then selling.  We also read that this was the absolute busiest time at the market, so if we were slow on our feet we may very well get trampled on by some flower loving Thais.  So, we waited until about noon to go!

Even though we arrived well after the crowds, this gem of a market in Bangkok did not disappoint!  It was definitely worth the visit, especially to some cold Canadians, if not only to smell an orchid or two, but also to marvel at the ridiculously cheap prices, amazing colours, and vast varieties of the magnificent tropical flowers.

Just to give you an idea of the amazing deals:

Bangkok, Thailand ~ 2 dozen roses = 40 baht ($2.30)

Calgary, Canada ~ 1 dozen roses =  749 baht ($24.99)

Opening Hours: 24 hours!!
Location: Chak Phet Road, the Memorial Bridge or Saphan Phut Chao Phraya pier
How to get there: Take the Chao Phraya Express boat!  It’s quick, easy, and cheap!  Get off at Pier 6 – The Memorial Bridge Pier.  Walk straight…you can’t miss it!

Bangkok Flower Market 5- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 9- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 7- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 8- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 4- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 6- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 2- Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market 1- Thailand

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    Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!!


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