Rainbows and Sunshine – Shopping @ Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall

The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok!  My dream come true.  Since stepping foot in this magical place a month ago I had quietly been preparing myself — and Thomas — for what was to come.

For me: I needed to save money, think about what I actually wanted and needed, and what I could live without.  I needed to think of colours, cuts, and fabrics.  In my mind I needed to visualize outfits, accessorize with belts, necklaces and the right comfy shoes.

For Thomas: I needed to give him ample warning of what awaited.  Prepare him for the chaos, the shopping, the time spent, and the loss of money.  Counsel him on what the day would entail, how it might be treacherous and boring and maybe his idea of a nightmare, but that it was well worth my happiness.  Most importantly, constantly praise his courageous behaviour, his thoughtful attitude and tell him that he really is the best boyfriend in the world.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the day had finally arrived.  I woke up with a nervous excitement knowing that it was going to be a long and tiring day.  All the preparation and talk had come down to this one final moment and boy was I ready.  Walking into the 6 level structure I began to feel overwhelmed.  Where do I even start?  Wandering around aimlessly for the first half hour was a very bad beginning and I could tell that it was getting to Thomas.  I needed to change my game plan if I wanted to get anything accomplished and walk out with a moderately happy boyfriend on my arm.

Here was my problem: I was pretty much going on a massive shopping spree for anything that would work as teaching clothes.  This meant, shoes, jewellery, dresses, shirts, skirts, purses, etc.   There would be no problem finding these items at this mall.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  2000+ shops, floor to ceiling filled with anything a customer might be interested in buying.  A mall like this could cause even the most experienced shopper angst.  Good thing I didn’t let it get to me and good thing Thomas had Angry Birds to get through it.

When Thomas wasn’t resting on a bench, he followed me into each and every store like a faithful puppy.  I would pester him with questions of “that’s pretty, do you like that?” or “what colour should I get, blue or black?” or “I really like that, should I buy it?”, and he stuck through it.

Even the “no can try” motto didn’t get me down.  It was a little annoying, and I didn’t really understand the rationale, but I couldn’t argue with every shop owner and I didn’t want to get them into trouble.  It really is a lot easier to just pick things out and put them into bags than having to try everything on and then pick and choose.  It also helped that every item had an elastic at the back and that it was made for Asian women.  I thank my lucky stars that in fact, I am Asian.

Five hours later and a million shopping bags on my arms, I walked out of the Platinum Fashion Mall feeling like I had just ran a marathon, and won.  The deals I got, the money I spent, the clothes I bought…they were all marvellous.  If I could explain the experience in one sentence — it was rainbows and sunshine.  :)

– Katherine

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2 Comments on “Rainbows and Sunshine – Shopping @ Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall”

  1. L & K
    September 13, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    He’s a brave man! Did you have to pay for it later?


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