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How We Got Suckered Into Buying 20 Postcards at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali

We like to think we know all the selling tactics the Balinese have up their sleeves.  Pouting, pleading, and even sending children after you are all common ways in guilting a purchase from you.  As much as we like to think the guilt doesn’t work on us, it does.  Being the teachers we are, we’re […]

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5 Areas Worth Exploring in Bali, Indonesia

Newbies to Bali often ask what areas are worth/not worth exploring in Bali.  As is the case with just about everywhere in the world, some places are highly overrated, while others often don’t get the attention they deserve.  Read on for 5 areas in Bali that continue to draw us back and are totally worth […]

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Bali & Lombok in 03:19s [Video]

A quick look at our holiday from this past summer.  The pictures move this time, not like that crappy photography stuff.  Make sure you watch this one in HD.  :)

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