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“We Know Better!” A Travel Tale of Stolen Cash in Hoi An, Vietnam

We always took pride in thinking we were pretty smart travellers.  Smart in the sense that we are good at avoiding common scams, and most importantly, how not to get our stuff stolen.  Our pride was crushed though when we arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam. As quaint and cool as this little tailoring town is, […]

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10 Tips to Surviving Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall can be daunting for newbies (See Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall For Newbies).  That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 tips of how to survive a day of shopping at this wholesale paradise. 1. Arrive early and plan for an entire day.  Even if you don’t shop the full day, […]

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Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall For Newbies

It’s nearly impossible to put into words just how much I adore Bangkok’s 2500+ stores of wholesale shopping at the Platinum Fashion Mall.  Ever since my first visit in 2009, I’ve been enamored; titillated with the variety, the prices, the colours, the fashions and everything in-between.  Although I have gone back every year since and even […]

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