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Sunset cruises. More fun in the Philippines.

What can we say?  We totally got suckered into taking a sunset cruise on Boracay, and it was…AMAZING!  Sailing on one of the iconic Boracay boats is definitely the touristy thing to do, so there was no avoiding the hawkers on the beach trying to collect as much money as possible for the first beautiful […]

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Everything Is More Fun In The Philippines

Oh Philippines…everything truly is more fun with you!  Including, making advertisements to promote your country! (Check out the official site here) With any luck, tourism Philippines will want to use one of our shots in their next ad campaign.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  So if you know anybody that could help a traveling addicted couple out, […]

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New Year’s. More fun in the Philippines.

Video number deux in our “More fun in the Philippines” series.  This time it’s New Year’s Eve 2014, and what better way to celebrate than being on the white sand beaches of Boracay, watching lady-boy fire dancers and fireworks in the rain? There’s no better way. AWESOME! *HD always looks best! :)

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