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Sunset cruises. More fun in the Philippines.

What can we say?  We totally got suckered into taking a sunset cruise on Boracay, and it was…AMAZING!  Sailing on one of the iconic Boracay boats is definitely the touristy thing to do, so there was no avoiding the hawkers on the beach trying to collect as much money as possible for the first beautiful […]

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Nha Trang’s 4 Island Boat Tour – The Best $6 We Spent in Vietnam [Video]

Our good friend Bob told us, “Guys, you just have to go on the 4 island boat tour in Nha Trang!  It’s the best $6 you’ll ever spend!”. Well, we certainly weren’t disappointed.  Not because the snorkelling was unforgettable.  And not because of the smorgasbord of a lunch they fed us.  No, it’s most definitely […]

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The Ocean Star Express – Bali to Lombok

“Ocean Star Express: Luxurious and fastest boat to Gili islands and Lombok” With a motto like that, how could we go wrong? The plan was to go from Bali to Lombok, the easiest and most comfortable way possible.  There are numerous boats to get you there, but it’s like playing roulette when trying to pick.  […]

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