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How To: Obtaining a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

While researching back home how to obtain a visa to Myanmar from Bangkok, it quickly became apparent that the process wasn’t always consistent, nor would it necessarily be easy.  The forums we poured through shared many commonalities on the process, yet there were sometimes discrepancies.  As we learned much about the process from these forums, […]

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How To: Cutting Pineapple! – Kuta Beach, Bali [Video]

Nobody cuts a pineapple like Made [mah·day].  Here’s a quick “How To” for those of you who struggle.  Enjoy! *Note* Since writing “The Pineapple Pincher”, we have purchased several pineapples from Made.  In each of these instances, Made has managed to pinch Thomas’ nipples 4 times, and massage his butt twice.

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